Wills, Funerals & other Fun Stuff

It's not what you wanted to do today ... but do it today, anyway.

Every person should give some thought to the very thoughts we'd rather not think about. We might call them "end-of-life" issues. We might call it "estate planning," or "pre-planning." Here, we prefer plain talk. The Bible says that it's "appointed unto each person once to die, and then the judgment." (Hebrews 9:27), and the Census Bureau backs up that Bible verse with a shocking statistic. According to research, one out of one people in our community will die.

All attempts at humor aside, it's true. The end of life will come, and the wise individual will prepare for it. Here are some links we hope you'll use. And thankfully, for those of us who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we are going to live forever, with him! But do something Christ-like today. Help the people you leave behind have an easier time without you here. They'll thank you later, when they join you in heaven!

Wills. If you need to make a will, click here for a worksheet that will help you prepare for a visit with an attorney, or one of the web services that will guide you through the process. If you want a reference to an attorney in our church family, we'll be glad to provide that information. Call the church office, or e-mail any of our ministers.

Advanced Health Care Directive.
Your family may be in a position, at any moment, to make some critical decisions concerning your health care. You may not be able to communicate with them in that hour, or you may not even be able to comprehend the issues at hand. Click here to access a 14-page document from the Department of Health in our state. It's a comprehensive guide that deals with some very unpleasant realities, but a reality that might be facing your family at any moment. You do not need an attorney to take you through this process, but you will have to have two non-family-member witnesses to sign it when you're done. While this is not a legal document in the truest sense, it is a great communication tool that every person should complete and leave in a place where other family members can access it when needed.



Planning your own celebration service. One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is a summary of your wishes for any memorial service that might be held to celebrate your life. Click here to access a helpful form to guide you through the process. We encourage you to keep a file with your important papers. We would love for you to share a copy with the Pastor who would keep it on file to assist your family when needed.

Pre-need funeral planning. Every funeral home in every community also has pre-need planning. You can make such plans as detailed, or as general, as you like. You can select caskets or cremation urns in advance, purchase burial plots, and even pay for the funeral services. Though it's not a pleasant experience, it is consistently one of the greatest gifts any person can do for his or her loved ones. Contact the funeral home of your choice to pursue this option.

Important documents and information summary. Someone in every household pays the bills, knows how to use online banking, and knows where the insurance papers are. More than likely, that's the only person who knows all of the pertinent information. A document needs to be created with a list of bank accounts, life insurance policies, passwords for web sites, and any other information that could help a surviving family member or appointed person manage the basic bills and finances of your home. Any such document can be password protected (ask for help from the "Help" tab on a program like Microsoft Word. And just as importantly, someone needs to know where the document is, and what the password is!

Feel Free to contact the church for assistance and resources for afterlife giving plans, end of life planning assistance and through this life spiritual counsel at 828.648.2367.